Mike Hoffman


Michael Hoffman (born in South Carolina, United States) is an American cartoonist, specializing in horror comics. His work covers both independent comics and works for DC Comics (particularly in its Vertigo line). Hoffman is a completely independent artist, who often self-publishes his works. Among her work, stands out Minister Sinister, Madame Tarantula Afrobat. Creator of the heroine/mad scientist Octavia, he has made her the protagonist of his own series of graphic novels,created in a deliberately”retro”style (similar to that prevailing in the 1960s), such as The Gemini Ring and The Ice Caves. ​ Additionally, Hoffman collaborates in Bloke’s Terrible Tomb of Terrorhorror magazine, with British screenwriter Jason Crawley”The Bloke”. The magazine honors the former magazines Creepy and Eerie,published by Warren in the 70s and 80s, with innovative elements.​ Hoffman auto publishes many books dedicated to the fantasy genre: Odyssey, Oracle, Newspaper Girls and Lost Art: Fossils of the Floppy Age,and has recently dedicated himself to animation, through his Monster University T.V. Special DVD, based on his trilogy of albums called Monster-Mash,whose music he writes, records and performs. Additionally, Hoffman publishes books and teaching DVDs on the world of comics, such as Secrets of Drawing and Secrets of Fantasy Art,a line of Halloween greeting letters, collectibleletters, illustrated classics (such as the first three novels by John Carterof Mars, by Edgar Rice Burroughs,or hand-painted sculptures.​ Known for his taste for experimentation, that hasn’t stopped him from working for DC Comics,in titles like Batman, The Swamp Thing or Hellblazer. However, Hoffman became a pioneer within the independent industry by leaving the publishing house in the mid-1990s to self-publish exclusively his own comics. Hoffman has his own personal website as well as a blog,which he regularly updates.