Ken Kelly


Ken Kelly, an illustrator of heroic fantasies including dragons, sexy nudes and huges muscle-bound figures, was born in 1946 in New London, Connecticut, and grew up on neighboring Long Island, New York. As a child, he watched his “Uncle,” well-known fantasy illustrator, Frank Frazetta, married to Kelly’s cousin Eleanor “Ellie” Frazetta (1935-2009), draw during family gatherings. Under the guidance of Frazetta, Ken was able to fine-tune his skill even further. Frazetta stressed how important it was to put feeling into creating a painting and to let the action on the canvas come from the imagination. Ken took those words to heart and has lived by them ever since.Later that same year, Ken received his first professional assignment. Over the years, Ken’s artwork has continued to have the unique ability to evoke the imagination to travel to faraway places and primal battlefields.