Kirsi Salonen



Kirsi Salonen is visual artist, writer, solution-focused art-therapy councellor and make-up artist living in Finland. She’s an award-winning digital painter with over 15 years of experience working in the industry. As a freelancer, she’s had the opportunity to work in many different areas, including cover design, card illustration, concept art in games and comics. She designed London’s Olympic street posters in 2012. Her comics won the latest Best Comic Award from ‘VELES 2019’ (out of 175 participants), Best Script award from ‘Veles 2015’ and Best Art Expression in ‘Veles 2017’, the International Comic Contest. Her fantasy art has been published in many acclaimed collections such as Ballistic Publishing’s Exposé and Exotiqué -books. Her latest book cover arts include Brian Keene’s ‘Lost Level’ -trilogy.