José del Nido


José del Nido was born in Barcelona (Spain). I started to work as illustrator for more so 30 years. From the beginning, he has used almost all the techniques: oil, acrilics, watercolor, airbrush, etc. In the last years I use Corel Painter software too. He works for many publishing houses and advertising agencies from all over the world, as Bastei, Euraeditoriale, Norma, Planeta, Grupo Zeta, among others. Collaborations for products: Bollicao, Pacha, Star Beer, Vileda, Eroski, Ferry, Oraldine, Carte D’or, Magnum, Donut, Nenuco, Yamaha, etc.. His illustrations are covers from books, comics, videogames, magazines, posters and puzzles. Jhon Sinclair, Torn, Vampire, Maddrax, Scorpio, Lanciostory, Two Worlds, are a few examples. In 2003 MG/Publishing edited a book with one hundred of his illustrations, called The Art of José del Nido. The Art Scene International magazine, in October 2007 dedicated the cover an article to his work. With the illustrator and friend J.R. Domingo, he has published two fantasy art books, Atrvm and Fatvm. Publication of the monograph: Slayers ( Women of war ) SQP Editions Nowadays, he’s still working on Sant Joan Despí, a place near from Barcelona, where he has his study.