Joseph Michael Linsner


Linsner was born in Queens, New York. He currently lives in the North Georgia mountains. Following the introduction of his character Dawn in the original nine-issue series that debuted in 1989 (CFD), he moved the character to Sirius Entertainment for several miniseries.These included the five-issue Dawn (1995–1996, reprinted as the trade paperback collection Dawn: Lucifer’s Halo #1, Nov. 1997, ISBN 1-57989-014-8), and the six-issue Crypt of Dawn (Oct. 1996 – March 1999), and the one-shots Dawn 1/2: Dreams of Dawn (1999) and Dawn #1/2 (2000), co-published by Sirius and Wizard magazine. Linsner broke into mainstream comics drawing the cover of Justice League Quarterly #13 (Winter 1993). His Marvel Comics work includes the one-shot Killraven #1 (Feb. 2001), several covers for the company’s mid-2000s Mystique series, and painted covers and interior penciling and inking for the Wolverine-Black Cat three-issue miniseries Claws (Oct.-Dec. 2006). He drew the cover of the Image Comics one-shot Witchblade / The Punisher #1 (June 2007). Linsner also drew and colored the cover of Dark Fantasy Productions’Dark Fantasies #1 (1994), and has also done painted comic-book cover art for Topps Comics, Dark Horse Comics and others. He has also provided the illustrations for Our Gods Wear Spandex .